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    Glorious Solutions, Incorporated (GSI), founded & created by Georgette Peterson, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, with renewal pending.  She is a high risk Labor & Delivery RN, who has been blessed with a unique historical & global purpose in life.          

    GSI was formed with a commitment to advocate for the voiceless, those with empty arms, heavy hearts, & silent tears.  GSI's mission statement is, "Purposed to do something great, for something good, by celebrating life, & making a difference." With a focus on Afrocentric disparities, GSI is promoting awareness, producing solutions, & preventing demise.  GSI also provides care, by recognizing voids & fulfilling needs via local, national, & international partnerships connecting those with surplus resources to those in dire need.



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Dr. Jackie
L. Taylor's 22y/o twins gunned down.
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Dr. J. Lowery knows GSI.
Singer, Will Downing, sends his love
ATL's City of Stonecrest
Wangari Maathai
NBNA Leadership
Brian Culbertson
GSI Embracers
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